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CAT 301.4C

Tail Swing Radius: 3.53ft in

Maximum Swing Angle Of Boom System To The Right: 49 degrees

Undercarriage Width - Extended: 4.27ft in

Maximum Vertical Digging Depth: 4.87ft in

Maximum Digging Depth - Dozer Blade Below Ground: 10.4in

Width: 2.4ft in

Maximum Digging Height: 11.13ft in

Minimum Boom Swing Radius: 4.89ft in

Maximum Digging Radius: 12.14ft in

Undercarriage Width - Retracted: 3.25ft in

Maximum Dumping Height: 7.88ft in

Maximum Lift Of Dozer Blade Above Ground: 8.31in

Maximum Digging Depth: 7.25ft in

Maximum Reach - On The Ground: 11.93ft in

Track Length: 4.79ft in

Height: 7.47ft in

CAT 301.4C
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